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Privacy Policy

1. About Ion Exchange (India) Limited
1.1 Ion Exchange (India) Limited is a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 and having its registered office at 4th Floor, Ion House, Dr. E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai – 400011 and provides Total Water Management Solutions under the brands ‘INDION’, ‘Hydramem’, ‘ZeroB’ and others to enhance the  Company’s market presence. Various websites like / / / / / (“Website”) and various mobile applications have been set up, and are operated and maintained by Ion Exchange (India) Limited. These websites/apps act as an electronic marketplace and an intermediary that provides an electronic venue for sale of goods and services (“Products”) by Ion Exchange to the end customers.

1.2 The terms “We” / “Us” / “Our” used in this Policy refer to Ion Exchange and the terms “You”/ “Your”/ “Yourself” in this Policy refers to the users of the Website / Mobile App “Users” i.e. 

(a) Sellers or Buyers Products on the Website / Mobile App and; 

(b) All persons who visit or access this Website / Mobile App, or avail any of its functionalities or use any data or information available on the Website / Mobile App in any manner.

2. Privacy Policy – Introduction
2.1 Ion Exchange is committed to ensuring privacy of information provided by the Users on its website/ application. In furtherance of the same, Ion Exchange has framed this Privacy Policy in accordance with the Information Technology Act, 2000 (“Act”) read with the applicable Rules thereunder.

2.2 The Privacy Policy is designed to familiarize Users of its Website / Mobile App with

(a) The type of information that Users may share with, or that Ion Exchange will collect from the Users

(b) Practices and policies of Ion Exchange relating to collection, storage, dealing, transfer,
disclosure, etc. of information pertaining to Users

(c) Purpose of collection and usage of such information, and related matters.

2.3 This Privacy Policy forms part of the “Terms of Use” of the Website / Mobile App

3. Important Terms

3.1 Please read the terms of this Privacy Policy carefully. This Privacy Policy, along with the “Terms of Use” constitute an “electronic record” in the form of an “electronic contract” as defined under the Information Technology Act, 2000 between Ion Exchange and the User of this Website / Mobile App. This Privacy Policy does not require any physical, electronic or
digital signature.

3.2 This Privacy Policy forms an integral part of the “Terms of Use” of the Website / Mobile App. If the “I agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy” button is not clicked, then Ion Exchange will not be responsible for privacy of your data if shared by you via the Mobile App or while visiting this Website / Mobile App. By continuing to use the Website / Mobile App, you:

(a) Unconditionally accept, and agree to be bound by the “Terms of Use” of the Website / Mobile App, read with this Privacy Policy; and

(b) Expressly consent to the collection, receipt, possession, storage, usage, dealing, handling or transfer of Your personal information by Ion Exchange in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

3.3 Ion Exchange reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove all or any portion of this Privacy Policy without written notice. If our Privacy Policy is revised, we will post those changes immediately to our Website. Any such changes will be effective immediately from the time they are posted unless otherwise stated in the change provision. Review of these terms of use periodically for updates/ changes will be the responsibility of the user. Therefore, it is suggested that user should regularly check the Website/ Mobile Application and updates of the latest changes made to the privacy policy.

4. Types of User Information

4.1 Collection of “Information”: Ion Exchange may request for, collect or gather such “Information” (which shall include data) as it deems necessary, relevant or incidental for rendering improved Services to Users and for other purposes as specified in Paragraph 6 below.

4.2 Personal Information: Such “Information” may include Personal Information relating to Users such as
(a) User’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, postal address, delivery address (if different), gender, purchase history, etc.
(b) Financial information such as bank account or credit or debit card information;
(c) A description of the item requested or purchased
(d) The internet protocol (“IP”) address of User’s computer;
(e) Any other “sensitive personal data or information” relating to the User as defined under the applicable Rules under the Act.
Non-personal Information: Ion Exchange may also collect certain non-personal Information from the User, when the User visits and / or uses the Website/Mobile App. Such non-personal Information would include but not be limited to information such as geographical location of User, IP address, type of browser, operating system of User’s device, and details of usage of Website/Mobile App etc. Such non-personal information is collected through various ways
including “cookies”. Cookies are text files placed on Your computer, to help the website analyse how You use the site. Such information is not used to infringe privacy of individuals, but is used on an aggregate level to customize our site, improve the online experience of the User and plan advertising and promotions. The sensor data from Mobile App is analysed by
our AI/ML engine to provide better comfort settings for user.

5. Modes of Collection of User Information

5.1 The information referred to above may be collected or received by Ion Exchange 

(a) Directly from the User or user Mobile App, when the User either provides any specific information on the Website / Mobile App; or
(b) From use of the Website / Mobile App by the User; or
(c) From third parties who have collected any Information relating to the User, and who have shared it with Ion Exchange.
5.2 There are times when You may provide information to us voluntarily, otherwise than through use of the Website / Mobile App.
This occurs when You provide Your feedback to us through e-mails, logins, return forms, letters or telephone calls. We may use this information to respond to Your query and to keep track of feedback received from You.

6. Purpose of Collection and Usage of Information
To improve the quality of its products and services and enhance the operational efficiency, Ion Exchange may collect, store and use Information for any purpose, as may be permissible under applicable Laws, including but not limited to the following:
(a) Facilitation of Your use of the Website / Mobile App, handling and execution of orders placed on the Website / Mobile App by the User, process payments, and communication with User about orders, etc.
(b) Respond to any inquiries posed by the User and providing various services
(c) Provide User with details of important schemes, offers, product details, new product launches, changes to terms of use of the Website / Mobile App, order details, delivery details and make other important announcements, etc.
(d) Maintain accounts of the User, display contents entered by User such as User profile, User wish list, etc.
(e) Help recommend to the User merchandise and services that may be of interest to him / her
(f) Personalize User’s experience on the Website / Mobile App by presenting advertisements, Products and offers tailored to the User’s preferences
(g) Customization, administration, etc. of the Website / Mobile App.
(h) To protect integrity of the Website / Mobile App, improve our platform, prevent or detect fraud or abuse of our Website / Mobile App
(i) Enable third parties to carry out technical, logistical or other functions on our behalf
(j) To permit employees of the Company to contact Users, and enable them to execute the orders placed by Users, resolve User queries, issues, grievances, etc.
(k) To trace computer resources of any person for the purposes of determining compliance with the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and / or any other law for the time being in force.
(l) To use the email address to send User information and updates pertaining to their order.
If User decides to opt-in to our mailing list, they will receive emails that may include company news, updates, related product or service information, etc.

7. Disclosure and Retention of User Information
7.1 Ion Exchange considers the Information about its customers as an asset and the same as a custodian. Accordingly, Ion Exchange shall not engage in sale of information relating to Users to third parties. However, Ion Exchange may share User information with third parties in the circumstances specified herein below, after reasonably assuring itself that such third
parties have undertaken to maintain confidentiality of Personal Information relating to the Users:

(a) Third Party Vendors / Service Providers etc.: Personal Information relating to Users may be made available to the third-party vendors, distributors etc. who sell their products on the Website / Mobile App. Further, Ion Exchange may engage third party service providers to render various services, and perform various functions in relation to the business undertaken on the Website, and / or for the Purpose(s) discussed in Paragraph 6 above. For instance, Ion Exchange may engage third party service providers for maintenance of its Website / Mobile App, fulfilment of orders, delivery of packages, analysing data, providing marketing assistance, processing of credit card payments, provision of customer services etc. Such thirdparty service providers / Vendors would have access to Personal Information of Users for the
purpose of performing their functions / rendering their services, etc. Ion Exchange may also provide voice control options using devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and more. Ion Exchange provides an interface for you to grant consent to these third parties to access our system through authorization token. Please refer to corresponding privacy policies of these providers. Ion Exchange websites may have links to the third-party websites, which are not owned or
controlled by us, and you may be directed to these websites. This policy does not apply to the privacy practices of those websites. Read the privacy policy of other websites carefully before accessing the same and we are not responsible or liable for security, content and activities of these websites.

(b) Business Transfers: Ion Exchange may transfer or otherwise share some or all of its assets, including Your Information in connection with a merger, acquisition, reorganization or sale of assets or business or in the event of bankruptcy. Should such a sale or transfer occur, Ion Exchange will reasonably ensure that the information You have provided and which we have collected is stored and used by the transferee in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy. Any third party to which Ion Exchange transfers or sells as aforesaid will have the right to continue to use the information that You provide to us or is collected by us immediately prior to the transfer.

(c) Government Agency: Ion Exchange may share any Information relating to Users
(i) With Government agencies mandated under the law to obtain information relating to Users from Ion Exchange;
(ii) Any third party; when Ion Exchange is required to disclose the same under an order of a Government or judicial authority under any law for the time being in force, or where such disclosure is necessary for the compliance of a legal obligation.

(d) With User Consent: Without prejudice to the aforesaid, Ion Exchange may disclose Personal Information relating to the User with his / her / its consent. For this purpose, Ion Exchange may send a prior notice to the User before sharing Personal Information relating to the User with third parties. In case no objection or intimation is received from the User, Ion
Exchange would presume that User has granted its consent for sharing of said Information with third parties. By using or visiting the Website / Mobile App and agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy, User shall be construed to have consented to, and accepted the disclosure of his information to third parties as provided under this Privacy Policy.

7.2 Ion Exchange will share your Personal Information internally with such persons who need it to complete your purchase or carry out your instructions. Only employees with a strict need to access data are given access.

7.3 Ion Exchange shall keep sensitive personal data or information for only as long as the purposes for which the information may lawfully be used or is otherwise required under any other law for the time being in force. For those customers who have registered for the mailing list, their personal information is kept until we are notified that they no longer want their information stored.

8. Accuracy and Protection of Personal Information

Ion Exchange relies on Users to notify it of any changes in personal information. Should any inaccurate information come to Ion Exchange’s attention, it will investigate and correct the information and, if necessary, apprise the User of the change. Only those staff members, who need the User’s personal information, in order to respond to the User’s requests, are given
access to it. Employees are provided with training and information regarding the proper handling of personal information. Whereas, Ion Exchange follows sound security policies and practices to protect data and information from unauthorised access, however, it is important to know that there is no zero-risk mechanism to prevent loss or interception of your
information by outsiders. Responsibility of maintaining the security and confidentiality of Account’s username and password is on the user.

All our employees, independent contractors, and agents have executed non-disclosure agreements, which provide explicit confidentiality protections. Any employee, independent contractor or agent who violates such privacy and/or security policies is subject to possible termination and civil and/or criminal prosecution.

We do not tolerate Spam. To report Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. related spam, please contact us at

9. Legal Requests

We comply with all legal requirements and co-operate with law enforcement agencies as well as third parties to enforce laws, safeguard intellectual property rights and prevent fraud. If we are furnished with a legal order by any governmental or law enforcement agency, we shall disclose your name, e-mail address and website usage history, on your authorisation, with or without a legal order. We will not disclose any of your other information to any agency without a court order except when it becomes necessary for any safety, security or a similar concern.

10. Jurisdiction

If you choose to visit the website, your visit and any dispute over privacy is subject to this Policy and the website’s “Terms of Use”. In addition to the foregoing, the laws of India shall govern any disputes arising under this policy and the courts in Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

11. Contact Information

Should you have any queries about our privacy policies, unresolved concerns regarding privacy or data use we have not addressed satisfactorily, please contact us at