LAB-Q Water Maker - Type III

  • Features
  • Online Conductivity Meter
  • Automatic Flush Device (AFD)
  • Dry Run Protection
  • Optional Filtration

Clinical, pharmaceutical and research laboratories require laboratory grade distilled water or equivalent quality water that consistently meets stringent water standards. Water below a desired quality not only affects the chemistry of the test conducted but also damages the instruments, which in turn, reduces the reliability of the test and also increases calibration time and reagent cost.

INDION Lab-Q Water Maker is easy to install and has several built-in safety features for reliable and consistent water supply for purified laboratory grade water.

  • Features
  • Online Conductivity meter – displays product water quality for continuous monitoring
  • Automatic flush device (AFD) – ensures periodic cleaning of the filter system
  • Dry run protection – ensures protection of the pump when inlet water is unavailable
  • Optional filtration – can be attached at the point of dispensing spout to ensure compliance to microbial reduction values
  • Advantages
  • Provides an efficient alternative to buying and storing laboratory grade distilled water
  • Compact and portable counter top model ensures optimal use of lab space
  • Low operating cost
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Applications
  • Feed to Type I water maker
  • Accessory for random access auto analyzers
  • For reagent preparations and washing
  • Instrumental analysis
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Heating baths and biomedical applications
  • Water for Inverter batteries
  • Water for Centerless grinding machine for precious metal
  • Water for Wire cut machine
  • Coolant in automobiles industries
  • Water for Centerless grinding machine
  • Water for Diamond cutting machines
  • water for Laser cutting machines

Feed Water Specifications

TDS500 ppm (max)
Turbidity5 NTU
Oil & GreaseNil
Free ChlorineNil
Silica< 20 ppm
Inlet PressureMin 0.5 kg/cm²
Max 2.0 kg/cm²
Total Organic Carbon (TOC)3 ppm


Performance Parameters

Capacity10 L/H
Turbidity< 1 NTU
Conductivity<1 µS/cm²
Total Organic Carbon (TOC)< 200 ppb

Product Specifications

W x D x H (in mm)
450 x 240 x 440
Weight13 kg
Power Requirement230 V AC ± 10%
Power Consumption40 watts